Team SPS seating

Team SPS seating

Design Peter van de Water

Team Solid Panel System (SPS) is a stylish 360° concept, integrating every single function a waiting room or meeting lounge needs. The panels offer comfort and privacy to visitors and co-workers. They are available in various heights and widths; enabling tailor-made space configurations. The series includes matching accessories such as tables, magazine holders and plant holders. They can easily be integrated by placing them on the panel. Power/data integration is also available. Available in:

85 x 65 x 3 (h x w x d)
8 cm; 85 x 130 x 3 (h x w x d)
8 cm; 85 x 162.5 x 3 (h x w x d)
8 cm; 85 x 195 x 3 (h x w x d)
8 cm ( (h x w x d)



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