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Pillow Space for Oktra

Welcome to a world in progress. In the heart of London. Open space, connected via a colourful spatial plan. With Cascando Pillow Space as a friendly, tactile and mobile wall that isn’t a wall at all.

Deliver amazing experiences for Photobox Group customers as well as their teams. Cluster workspaces around the numerous cross-functional squads that work autonomously across the brands. Move the four-storey, completely open-plan HQ beyond a traditional desk environment. Offer each squad a variety of flexible work, daily stand-up, and collaboration spaces.

The four floors of Photobox Group HQ are colour-coded using the CMYK formula at the foundation of all print shops. These floors surround a vast industrial atrium – a dedicated events space viewable from anywhere in the HQ, which will be used for all-company meetings, knowledge-sharing events and meet-ups for the tech and creative industries in London.

In line with the Oktra spatial plans, we complemented a new space around collaboration and agile-working giving employees the freedom to innovate and have an impact at scale for the business and for their careers. With the Pillow Space as a friendly, tactile and mobile wall that isn’t a wall at all.

Photobox Group / Herbal House London (Great Britain)

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