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Sustainable enterprise, value-added design

Cascando operates in a sustainable way, with ‘People, Planet, Profit’ as its guiding principle.

Our products help to create an appealing and inspiring atmosphere, an environment in which people feel motivated and at home. Cascando gives employees opportunities to grow and to develop their talents and skills. In our company, there is also scope for employees with a work disability. In our contacts with customers and the way we work with suppliers, as well as internally, we are open minded and try to achieve transparency and dialogue. We have a positive, pro-active and respectful attitude.

In our design process, ‘sustainability’ is a core value. We design products which are sustainable in terms of both quality and aesthetics.

When it comes to production, we choose sustainable materials and co-creation with specialist, responsible suppliers.

Most of our products are designed with screw connections. This means that the materials used can easily be separated at the end of their lifecycle for recycling purposes.

Composition sheets are available for all our products. These show the materials used, the percentage of these materials in the finished product and the recycling possibilities.

We try to use environmentally-friendly packaging materials and to reduce the amount of packaging wherever possible.

We prefer digital correspondence, from price lists to invoices, and are therefore reducing the use of paper within our organisation.

Our catalogue is printed certified 100 % climate neutral. This means that the exact CO2 emissions connected with the production of this catalogue in accordance with the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the natureOffice® organisation are compensated for by the voluntary purchase of green emission rights in a sustainable project elsewhere (, reference NL-001-396503). The result: a 100% green catalogue.

Sustainable growth is the profit we wish to create. For customers, suppliers, our company and our (living) environment. Profit which we try to uphold all over the world by constantly designing and marketing new, high-quality interior products. Quantitative growth which is the result of our own qualitative evolution. With sustainable enterprise as the guiding principle and value-added design as the result.