About Cascando

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Cascando’s vision: creating a positive, harmonious environment where people love to live and work.

Cascando is a fast growing interior design brand. Our openness is visible in our excellent designs. Delightful products that represent the essence of our vision on life and work for today’s homes and businesses and for the future: an integral approach to building a harmonic space that people will both love to work and live in. Together, alone.

You are the office. Everywhere. An empowering workspace should adapt to that and be intimate and shareable. Through it, you unlock the potential of a unique approach to comfortable working. One that matches with your differing needs and those of your co-workers, clients and prospects. Connecting. Bonding with customers. Friends. All in a highly tactile office habitat, an environment that inspires the people behind your brand. Visibly yours, but designed to emphasize your unique corporate culture: joy. We hope that our interior furnishing designs will put a smile on your face.

Our design philosophy is the result of a constant dialogue with the people surrounding us. Thanks to them, we are able to identify, translate and incorporate clear cultural trends and preferences in our designs. Our interior products always aim to increase people’s quality of life and productivity, whilst also adding intimacy and charm. They are a response to what people both want and need.

Cascando equals quality

Cascando works with an international team that designs, produces and assembles modern interior products. The entire design process is focussed on creating a novel, unique and high‐quality interior product with its own identity, whose style, form and function contribute to how people perceive and enjoy an open space. Cascando's quality standards as regards material selection, details and finishes guarantee durability and sustainability. Cascando supplies its products to more than 40 countries through an international partner network.